Lawyers as Leaders

It is ironic that the occupation most responsible for producing America’s leaders has focused so little attention on that role. The legal profession attracts a large number of individuals with the ambition and analytic capabilities to be leaders, but frequently fails to develop other qualities that are essential to effectiveness. The Center focuses attention on this issue, and explores ways to better develop lawyers as leaders.

The Center on the Legal Profession (now the Deborah L. Rhode Center on the Legal Profession) launched the Lawyers as Leaders Initiative in 2016 to advance research, discussion, and practical experience of leadership in the legal profession. Through publication, curricular development, and programming, the Initiative seeks to increase the presence of leadership theory and experience for Stanford law students and our wider community.

Past Events

Event photo: the impeachment process

Understanding The Impeachment Process

Event photo: Big Law

BigLaw: Challenges and Opportunities

Photo from the Babcock event

Lawyers as Leaders: Barbara Babcock

Photo from the Trump White House event

The White House, The Department of Justice, and The Rule of Law: A Conversation with Sally Yates

Photo from the Trump event

The Trump Supreme Court

Event photo: Feingold

Making a Difference Through Politics: A Conversation with Russ Feingold


Lawyers as Leaders: Stephen B. Bright